“Denise, I would like to thank you for all of the help and guidance you have provided me and my family over these past couple very tough years! I was operating in a dark tunnel, carrying a heavy load when you came to my rescue! I am forever grateful and can’t thank you enough for always being there to help!”


“Denise identified everything in the house (including all of the items hidden in various storage areas), coordinated and organized what items were personal items to go to various family members and designated what was to be sold or donated.”

-Lori H.-California

“Denise was knowledgeable, organized, energized and empathetic throughout the process.” She is a unique combination of negotiator, moving/packing specialist, salesperson and cleaning crew. I highly recommend Craft LifeStyle Management.”

-Barbara K.-Colorado

“Denise, Thank you so much for all the tough love and support over the past 5+ years. It has been such a journey and now I am ready finally to close the final part of my last chapter and open one that is all mine. No doubt you helped me get there.”


“We are indebted to your giving ways during our time helping Marie.” Love ya’

-Don and Donna-