What is a GLORIOUS Day?

I see this in many different ways… I want to share my most recent Glorious day with you. This was the day I helped walk my new Friends to their car for the last time… from this place they called home for their entire lives!  Prior to this walk down memory lane, we were sorting through all of their treasures, remembering loved ones who had died and passed away, and hardships they had overcome. Their thought process was simple, “we do Not waste for there is always another use”. We discussed the significance of sentimental pieces from the past ‘what it was, what it could have been’. Keeping items even if the item consumed them with sadness and anger….being raised thinking ‘Waste Not, Want Not’. Only knowing they had No Way Out.

In a very short time, a team of us supported and carefully helped this couple along their journey. We found them a Wonderful place to live! We moved them into the home on this GLORIOUS day!! And for the first time in 80 years, they were at Peace! To see the smiles on their faces, everything in its place, tears of joy that they had running water from all the faucets and showers, a dishwasher (neither person had ever had one!), a new bed with new sheets, and last but not least… air conditioning! Photos (never seen nor remembered) of the war, deceased siblings, their parents at a much younger age, and a happier time in their lives were hung in their new place. All of the things that seem so available to most of us were not a part of this couple’s everyday life. All of the things we take for granted – heat ~ cool, running water… It was a Glorious Day to make this a Reality for such a LOVELY Couple!! They have Balance in their world… Pride in ‘Self’, they have Safety in their ‘Surroundings’, Calm and Peace in their ‘Spirits’, and Dignity everywhere!

That My Friends is a GLORIOUS Day!