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What We Do


We transition clients into the right place, staying within their financial resources, the first time, all the time.

Let us advocate on your behalf in a timely and calm manner as we find you the most appropriate ‘home’ and level of care to fit your needs.

If you or a loved one needs assistance with transitioning, contact us today.

Please contact us for pricing.

  • Initial meeting at client’s location
  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Create multi-step individualized life care plan with independent/assisted living, memory, skilled, Long-Term care, special needs communities, as your next home option
  • Determine most appropriate financial resources to complete plan
  • Present level of care, home options and financial plan to client
  • Tour with client/family
  • Assist client with contract review
  • Coordinate with payor source(s), attorneys, POA’s (Powers of Attorney) and financial institutions to ensure smooth transition
  • Prepare home for sale, transfer
  • Work with your realtor of choice-Pre-listing to closing
  • Together we find your treasures/needed possessions
  • Sort, pack, move and complete set up
  • Assist client in unpacking and setting up new housing location
  • Communicate with family members
  • Quarterly visit to assess plan
  • Additional Services may include, but are not limited to
    • Assistance with finding medical practitioners
    • Transportation to and from medical appointments
    • Furnishings and accessories shopping for new location
    • Pet care and placement
    • Guide you in finding a professional team to fit your needs: Elder lawyers, POAs, financial/trust planning, etc.
    • Work with your long-term care insurance for your full benefits approval, funeral arrangements, etc.

Please contact us for pricing.

  • Initial meeting at client’s location
  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Create multi-step individualized life care plan with aging in place
  • Present home modifications ADA design & in-home living plan to fit specific needs with costs to client
  • Installation and construction of all home modifications
  • Determine most appropriate financial resources to complete plan
  • Plan other in-home services: Companion care, medication prep, meal service, medical equipment, transportation services, etc. as needed
  • Assist Client in hiring a general contractor + in-home care providers
  • Serve as Project Manager on home modifications, pay contractors + set up payment system for in-home care providers
  • Communicate with family members, domestic and abroad
  • In-home visit to assess plan and make modifications, as needed
  • Additional Services will be identified in initial assessment

Please contact us for pricing.

Not every soul who has excessive treasures is considered a hoarder. When your parents or a loved one passed, did you bring all their items to your home? Do you have ‘collections of treasures?’ Do you feel you can’t move in your home? Do you feel like you don’t know where to turn for help or in your home? Do you have a loved one needing help?

  • Initial meeting at client’s location
  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Create multi-step individualized plan for client to release and remove treasures
  • Determine most appropriate financial resources to complete plan
  • Create a safe environment for client
  • Refer client to mental health counselor, if appropriate
  • Hire 3rd party appraisers, if warranted, to determine value of excessive treasures
  • Work directly with client to sort all treasures and find acceptable options to release the items
  • Deep clean property as required for mold, mildew and/or feces
  • Assist client in listing current home for sale, if appropriate, after excessive treasures removed
  • Transition client to new ‘home’ if unable to stay in current residence
  • Manage moving and move-in process
  • Help client set up new services including, but not limited to, electricity, water, mail, cable, etc.
  • Communicate with POA and any services required: APS, ENOA, DHHS, lawyer, etc.
  • Conduct in-home visit to assess environment safety and client’s health and well-being
  • Revise/modify plan, as needed
  • Additional Services as identified in initial needs assessment and as we progress
Sometimes our services involve relocating animals for our clients. We do so with care and love.

Please contact us for pricing.

We are honored to work with

  • Special Needs Adults
  • Injury Recovery
  • Veterans
  • MS
  • …and others

Contact us for more information on specialized services for each of these categories.

When the transition is urgent & crisis services are needed, Craft LifeStyle Management is also here for you.

Contact us today for more information & pricing.


Senior care referral service companies are quickly entering the market as the aging population continues to seek help with transitioning.

Craft Lifestyle Management can, and will, find the transition best for you.

Including the options of

  • In-Home modification transition
  • A private home
  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Long-term, skilled, or memory care


  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Financially


If it’s a FREE service to you… How do referral services get paid?

Craft Lifestyle Management NEVER works on referral contracts!

This gives us the ability find the RIGHT level of care & cost in the RIGHT community the first time, all the time.

Craft Lifestyle Management strictly works as YOUR advocate to find YOUR best options based on YOUR

  • Wishes
  • Level of care
  • Financial guidelines
  • Geographic location
  • And more…

Nothing is more upsetting to your loved one and family than having to relocate because a higher level of care is now needed, causing your budgeted financial resources to run out earlier than planned. Or, the community is unable to care for your loved one at the higher level of care.

Craft Lifestyle Management is with you every step of your journey.


Customizing transitions & simplifying the financial, housing & safety concerns of all clients with compassion, care & expertise.