Craft LifeStyle Management Services

What are transition services?

Transition services consist of identifying what a person needs now and in the future to live independently or in an appropriate placement with the right type/level of care. Typically, the guardian or POA requests our services, their plates are already full before this new commitment. We understand this extreme level of exhaustion. We assess all elements of your transition to make it comfortable for you throughout the entire process and thereafter.

Our Team Will Be Able to Serve All of Your Needs, Services, and Transitions.

Balance… Self * Surroundings * Spirit

Level of Care

CLM & team: (includes client and caregivers) together we develop an individualized care plan. We take into consideration any current health and/or mobility issues, chronic health conditions, mental abilities/ disabilities, and needed medical supports. We will plan for future needs and assess available options to fit the expected changes in every level of care needed.

Caregiving Support

With the determined care level, We factor in family/friends that are currently providing the majority of caregiving; we can help ease their load, supplementing with our services. We continually evaluate the care of the individual as needs change, while developing a transition plan we consider all available caregiving support options. CLM provides in-home support and respite care services, or placement.


With guardian’s full control CLM services include – but not limited to: bill paying, electronic accounts set up, assisting with shopping, developing a personalized monthly budget, paying co-pays, etc.

Placement Services

CLM working directly with family to determine: correct care community- independent/assisted living, memory care, long term, etc., geographically- best location for visitors, financial- private pay/Medicaid, eligibility criteria, transportation needs, and much more. Coordinating every Transition step; tours, deciding on community, all paperwork, move in process, set up, etc. As we know, Circumstances can change in the blink of an eye.

Accessibility & Modifications

If staying in your home means improving accessibility and modifications, CLM can assist you. When the time comes and it is too difficult, lonely, or too expensive to stay at home we help you determine the next best step. We will help sell your home. If renovations are necessary to make the house habitable or more sellable, CLM can help by contracting with their general contractors to get the necessary work completed. Together, we decide what should be completed for the highest financial return and timing concerns to best serve the family.

‘Excessive Treasures’ ~ Hoarding Services

CLM are specialists in ‘Excessive Treasures’ / Hoarding with more than 25 years of experience. Others may call it clutter or chaos. Excessive treasures may start or have consumed your home. CLM will help you find your real treasures by applying a healthy, healing, and empowering approach. 3rd party appraisers can come in and evaluate your treasures. We will find a home for all of your items; organizing your current home, moving items to a new home, donating or disposing, or helping sell your treasures. Collecting treasures throughout our life is normal. However, being able to sort and organize those treasures can cause paralysis.

Relocation & Organization

Wherever you’re moving (local or national) for whatever the reason, CLM takes care of every aspect of your move. Over the years we all accumulate. CLM can help you go through every single item, package all of your items safely, move, as well as set up your new home for immediate occupancy.   The treasures not making the move with you will also find homes.

Service Coordination

CLM conducts an intake assessment to determine the need(s) of the individual – emergency respite, appropriate placement, level of care, additional services and/or treatment referrals. The intake assessment also includes identifying funding streams and resources. Once completed we fill out all necessary paperwork to get you the services you need and deserve. We go with our clients to medical appointments and initial therapy sessions. CLM is there as a personal advocate solving all issues in a timely and peaceful manner.