Craft LifeStyle Management has assisted individuals and families in transitional need for more than three decades.

We’ve earned this trust by listening to our client’s needs and treating them with compassion and care as we manage their individual cases.


Each case is unique.

We work with those invested in helping you make the smoothest transition possible: Family, caregivers, your Power of Attorney (POA), government agencies, the Veteran’s Administration (VA) and your legal, real estate or financial planners.

We can also recommend quality resources and NEVER HAVE REFERRAL CONTRACTS.

Regardless of the situation, Craft LifeStyle Management creates a personalized care plan that meets the needs of all involved in the transition.

Those we serve may be:

  • Aging Adults at a loss of what to do when family is not nearby or there is no caregiver or family to help.
  • Special Needs Adults when parents or siblings are no longer available or able to care for their child.
  • Hoarders, especially those aging and needing additional care.
  • Passing of A Loved One. We help organize your loved one’s items, transition you to comfortable peace inside your home or transition you to a new home or level of care.
  • Disabled Veterans. We assist with home modifications or placement in a community.

These Professionals Trust Us with Their Clients:

We work a great deal with those having Power of Attorney (POAs) in addition to:

  • Discharge Planners
  • Disability Services
  • Eldercare Attorneys
  • Financial Planners
  • Healthcare Providers
  • In-Home Care Companies
  • Lawyers
  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Offices of Aging
  • Personal Bankers
  • Physical Therapy Practices
  • Realtors
  • Senior Housing Communities
  • Social Security
  • Trust Officers
  • Veterans Administration